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It is already a week ago since the last update , I was a little off to prepair myself for the coming period!

So let’s have a look at the daily chart, the only strength trend that we could see is that the chart makes a constantly lower high (what…

On the daily chart, we are still bearish and we are still waiting to break the 30k or the 40k level:

· Still making a bearish flag

· Under the SMA levels

· Under Ichimoku cloud

When do we become bullish again on the daily chart? As soon there is…

This weekend we see that Bitcoin is not bearish and show some strength in the charts. We could say that on the daily chart it looks interested to become slightly bullish again and on the 4H we could say it is bullish right now.

So when we look at the…

A short update of the progress of bitcoin.

On the daily chart, we are still in a bearish trend, but we are close to breaking this trend. This could result in a trend reversal. The most important is that we do not fall underneath the 30k support level and we…

In this update, we will deep dive a little more into Bitcoin long term and short term situations. First, we will look to the Monthly chart followed by weekly, daily and at least 4H charts.


In this chart, we see that the previous ATH (~20k) is big support regarding the…

Bitcoin shows some strength the last few days and it looks like we will break the 35k resistance. When we break it we will see 40k as the next big resistance.

As you could see in the chart above we see on the daily chart that it holds his support…

Welcome back to another Bitcoin update. In the last weekend, we have seen some big fluctuation in the price but as we could see below, we still keep holding the critical level of 30k. …

On the daily chart, we see nothing special happened since the last update (yesterday). We went a little up and we crawling slowly to 40k.

Bitcoin still in his range between 30–40k.
Crawling slowly back to 40k. If we lose this support the next will be around 24k.


It was a close call yesterday with the massive dump on the market. Some FUD that was spread but luckily the support levels helds. This resulted in a nice wick on the daily candle.


We are still ranging between the levels of 30k — 40k. Breaking one of those ereas…


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