Bitcoin update— 23–06

2 min readJun 23, 2021


It was a close call yesterday with the massive dump on the market. Some FUD that was spread but luckily the support levels helds. This resulted in a nice wick on the daily candle.


We are still ranging between the levels of 30k — 40k. Breaking one of those ereas in a daily close candle will result in an more up or down movements.

Bullish scenario

  • We see a Bullish Div created
  • A good buy back by bulls that gives confidence
  • A nice increase of volume
  • Looking to see the price going to 40k again and hitting the resistance, ones broken we need a R/S flip to confirm it holds!

Bearish scenario

We wont see a retrace to 40k and we will break down the 30k as a daily close. This could be an indicator that we will be looking at new support levels that are around: 24k , 20k ..

Don’t forget that most of the chart is bearish .. We have seen the death cross , ESA 9/21 still bearish.. making lower lows over here.. So be cautious with the actions you take! We first need more confirmations about where the markets are headed to!

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